Pigeon: a radical animal reader (Number 1), Sybil Press, 2018. Limited 1st Edition.

Pigeon: a radical animal reader features a collection of writings on "Being Animal." It is a creative and experimental approach to studies/theories Re: #veganism #poshumanism #animalstudies #queerstudies #fashion #aesthetics #feminism and much more. Short stories, poetry, text art, academic and speculative fiction by a diverse group of artists and writers.

Edited, illustrated and page layout by Norberto Gomez Jr. in Baltimore Maryland, 2018. Screenprinted and handbound by Jillian Gayle Gomez in San Marcos/San Antonio Texas, 2018. Risograph printing by Mystic Multiples in Houston Texas, 2018. Typefaces include: Gill Sans, Baskerville, and Helvetica.


Fake New Yorker, #1, Carrie Rennolds, 2018. Limited 1st edition of 143 hand screen printed copies 8 in x 10.5 in.
Fake New Yorker magazine, written and illustrated by Baltimore artist, Carrie Rennolds, features absurdist comics, poetry, reviews, and more. Going beyond simple parody, Rennolds' work subtly takes on difficult subjects with a perfect quick witted humor, and expertly achieves a paradoxical confidence in self-consciousness. Although not a work of collage, Fake New Yorker is as playful, culturally layered and anarchistic as any of the historical media works of the dada. The magazine devotes itself to the genius of cartooning and comics—featuring all the subversive power that an illustration has to express self doubt, paranoia, anger, humor and existential daydreaming. Plus cats and dinosaur illustrations.

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Little Thoughts, Jillian Gomez, 2017. Limited 1st Edition of 74 copies. 4.5 in x 5.5 in, softcover. 27 pages.
Little Thoughts, a small zine / book by Sybil Press's co-founder, printmaker Jillian Gomez of San Antonio, Texas. The book features illustrations and entries written by Gomez, detailing everything from rock-n-roll inspiration (Kiss, Bowie, Blondie, et al) to childhood memories and critiques of gender normativity in short bursts of prose. It is sincere and poetic by its very plainness. Little Thoughts s risograph printed by Mystic Multiples, Houston, Texas, and hand-stitched by the artist. 

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Curses: Dictionary, Gloria Bueno, 2016. Limited 1st edition of 30 copies. Book 3 of 3, 4.5 x 5.75 inches, softcover. 24 pages.

The third book in the series of Curses is this zine-like, softcover Dictionary, written and illustrated by Bueno. 

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Curses: The Shift, Gloria Bueno, 2016. Limited 1st edition of 30 copies. Book 2 of 3, 4.5 x 5.75 inches.

The Shift continues Curses’s intertextual, cavalcade of references to popular culture and mysticism, except where book one featured Bueno’s unique cauldron of Salvadorian and Tex-Mex anxieties in relation to Catholic morals, gender inequalities, and a search for answers from a sometimes unsympathetic masculine higher power, The Shift finds empowerment in popular culture and fantasy. Along with La Virgen de Guadalupe, there is a feminist hero and savior in Sailor Moon. Bueno’s writing continues to evoke the work of someone struggling to communicate their deepest fears, regrets, and hope. It’s almost as though we’ve stumbled upon a journal—or glorified zine—completely sincere and raw.

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Curses: Ritual Milagros, Gloria Bueno, 2016. Limited 1st edition of 30 copies. Book 1 of 3, 4.5 x 5.75 inches.

A meditation on Bueno's conservative upbringing, mixing, melding, and colliding with gender issues, Norse and Catholic religions, popular culture clashes, and Lady Gaga, Curses is what happens when a LiveJournal account aches for the physical, for flesh and blood--to be held in the post internet age. 

Curses was written by Gloria Bueno in San Antonio, Texas, 2014-15. 1st Edition, Sybil Press, 2016. Photographs by Gloria Bueno, 2015. Additional photographs by Jessica Bonilla and Jackie Montes, 2015. Illustrations by Andrew Cobb, 2015-16 and Gloria Bueno, 2015. Printed and bound by Jillian Gayle Gomez in San Antonio and San Marcos, TX, 2016. Edited by Norberto Gomez Jr. in Baltimore, MD, 2016. Copy Edits by Andrew Cobb in San Antonio, TX, 2016. Bloody Mary copy edit by Noel Camacho, San Antonio, 2016. Typefaces include Baskerville and American Typewriter. Printed on Teton Txt Felt Warm White paper. This is Part 1 of 3


Geoffrey Tungsten's Grievesome River, Richard Lucyshyn, 2016. Limited 3rd ed. of 89 copies. Softcover.
This final limited 3rd edition is risograph printed by Mystic Multiples, Houston, Texas, and hand stitched.

Geoffrey Tungsten’s Grievesome River was written and illustrated by Richard Lucyshyn in Richmond, Virginia, 2015-16, and published by Sybil Press, 2016. Hand printed and bound by Jillian Gayle Gomez in San Antonio and San Marcos, Texas. Edited by Norberto Gomez Jr. in Baltimore, Maryland. Typeface Adobe Caslon Pro. Paper includes Stonehenge White and Mohawk Gold Vellum. 1st edition.

3rd edition 2017 (IN STOCK) risograph printed/hand stitched

2nd edition SOLD OUT hand printed/hand stitched, 2016

1st edition SOLD OUT hand printed/hand stitched, 2016



THE BOOK OF CANNIBALS a grimoire for the contemporary artist and consumer; a dark work of media archaeology and criticism in the anti-spirit of manifestos and dadaism. Written and illustrated by Norberto Gomez, Jr. printed by Jillian G. Gomez in 2015. 2nd Edition of 50 hand pressed copies. 4 X 5" hardcover, black denim. 95 pages. A PDF copy of the book is also included in purchase, via e-mail.

Read an excerpt: DEATH;, DRONE;, and The Life & Death & Rebirth of Mystery

Read reviews: "Who cleans up after the last bone is sucked dry" -MWS and a "Luciferian Review" -Piazza

2nd edition SOLD OUT

1st edition SOLD OUT

The Digital E-Book of Cannibals (AVAILABLE PDF for digital readers)

Photographs for Sky and Space were taken by Debra Barrera, 2013-14. Each book was hand sewn and bound by Jillian Gayle Gomez, Summer 2014. Sybil Press 2014

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