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Curses: Ritual Milagros (series 1 of 3) (2016)


A meditation on Bueno's conservative upbringing, mixing, melding, and colliding with gender issues, Norse and Catholic religions, popular culture clashes, and Lady Gaga, Curses is what happens when a LiveJournal account aches for the physical, for flesh and blood--to be held in the post internet age. 

Curses was written by Gloria Bueno in San Antonio, Texas, 2014-15. 1st Edition, Sybil Press, 2016. Photographs by Gloria Bueno, 2015. Additional photographs by Jessica Bonilla and Jackie Montes, 2015. Illustrations by Andrew Cobb, 2015-16 and Gloria Bueno, 2015. Printed and bound by Jillian Gayle Gomez in San Antonio and San Marcos, TX, 2016. Edited by Norberto Gomez Jr. in Baltimore, MD, 2016. Copy Edits by Andrew Cobb in San Antonio, TX, 2016. Bloody Mary copy edit by Noel Camacho, San Antonio, 2016. Typefaces include Baskerville and American Typewriter. Printed on Teton Txt Felt Warm White paper. This is Part 1 of 3

Curses: Ritual Milagros, Gloria Bueno, 2016. Limited 1st edition of 30 copies. Book 1 of 3, 4.5 x 5.75 inches.

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