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Ghost City: Baltimore vol. 1


Written/Illustrated by Norberto Gomez, Jr. (Book of Cannibals); Zine; 22 pages; Hand screen printed cover; risograph printed. Limited first-edition.

Is this a most angst-stricken era for people, one that turns living into a future project? It surely is and this is what makes it absurd and comical. In the Volume 1 sampling of the first five years of ‘Ghost City’, Norberto Gomez Jr. blends the clumsiness of ‘American Splendor’ with the noir ambience of Ana Lily Amirpour’s cinematography. He creates a universe of brutal, almost embarrassing honesty where daily salvation is sought by means of solitary nighttime pilgrimages out in the city (in this instance, Baltimore) and at its bars, also through the rituals of self-reflection or the confessions to an imaginary friend. ‘Ghost City’, written and illustrated by Gomez, is a book with a quiet, religious dimension, where faith is challenged and restored by the mystical output emerging from the relationship of the Artist with the City, the mythology behind the ordinary and the mundane. It’s a book geared towards all the 21st century skilled, talented, yet not fully distinguished people out there, who live in a world where everybody wants to stand out. (V.B.) #GhostCityComicBmore

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