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The Book of Cannibals 2nd printing (2015)


THE BOOK OF CANNIBALS a grimoire for the contemporary artist and consumer; a dark work of media archaeology and criticism in the anti-spirit of manifestos and dadaism. Written and illustrated by Norberto Gomez, Jr. printed by Jillian G. Gomez in 2015. 2nd Edition of 50 hand pressed copies. 4 X 5" hardcover, black denim. 95 pages. A PDF copy of the book is also included in purchase, via e-mail.

Read an excerpt: DEATH;, DRONE;, and The Life & Death & Rebirth of Mystery

Read reviews: "Who cleans up after the last bone is sucked dry" -MWS and a "Luciferian Review" -Piazza

2nd edition (2015) SOLD OUT

1st edition (2014) SOLD OUT

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