#CURSES Book One: Ritual Milagros available May 14, 2016

Curses: Ritual Milagros by Texas-based artist/performer Gloria Bueno will debut at this weekend's Paper Trail event in San Antonio, Texas. Ritual Milagros is book one in a series of three small books of Curses. Curses is a personal memoir featuring illustrations, poetry, prose, and prayers in both Spanish and English language. A meditation on Bueno's conservative upbringing, mixing, melding, and colliding with gender issues, Norse and Catholic religions, popular culture clashes, and Lady Gaga, Curses is what happens when a LiveJournal account aches for the physical, for flesh and blood--to be held in the post internet age. 

All copies of curses are hand printed and bound in a limited edition.


An entertainer for humans
Dwells in the lands of San Antonio, Texas
Salvadorian blood
A soul heavily influenced by the hispanic culture, multiple religions and fantasy
Made up of: GlamTrashPopMetal
Looking to find the cure for our curses through fantasy and faith
A seeker and believer