Call for Submissions: Pigeon: a radical animal reader


Call for submissions, Issue No. 1,  2018

Pigeon is a new radical animal reader published by Sybil Press. We seek experimental, creative essays and literary works on the topics of animal rights, liberation, veganism, environmentalism, post and transhumanism, to name a few. We understand animal in the larger sense, from the human-animal to the monarch butterfly, and we are open to speculation on cosmic life and artificial intelligence.  In the spirit of “no gods; no masters,” contrarian paradigms and critiques are desirable.  Pigeon is a hybrid discourse surrounding animal beings and being animal in the networked age.

Consider Giorgio Agamben’s critique of the anthropological machine and the caesura between human and animal; or media representation of carnism and the Sexual Politics of Meat, described by feminist-vegetarian Carol J. Adams; as well as the intersectionalism espoused by Marjorie Spiegel in The Dreaded Comparison; and what place does the animal have among the cyborg?; we may also ask, as Jacques Derrida does, “Since so long ago, can we say that the animal has been looking at us? What animal? The other. I often ask myself, just to see, who I am—and who I am (following) at the moment when, caught naked, in silence, by the gaze of an animal, for example, the eyes of a cat, I have trouble, yes, a bad time overcoming my embarrassment. Whence the malaise?”

Please e-mail a 300 word abstract as a PDF with contact information to by Halloween, October 31st, 2017. Subject line: animal abstract.

Half of all sales of Pigeon will be donated to animal welfare/rights/liberation organizations, with the remaining half used to cover costs and the making of subsequent issues.