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Sybil Press is proud to announce the release of Geoffrey Tungsten's Grievesome River by Richard Lucyshyn, featuring poetry and illustrations by the author, 2015-16. Each chapbook is hand printed and bound with thread in a limited 1st edition of 30 copies.

The book will debut at the 2nd annual PrintAustin PrintExpo, Feb. 6th, 2016 from 12-5 p.m. Or, available now, online at the Sybil Press Book Store

“Tungsten is a difficult element. Never alone, it is found only in compounds and must be extracted. Even then it is brittle and difficult to work, but the work is worth it. This is in part because of Tungsten’s permanence – it has the highest melting point of all the elements – and in part because of its density and shine. So it is with Geoffrey Tungsten, whose voice has been extracted it seems from a great morass, only to arrive as fine and robust as carved stone. And, he comes to us from a carver who is never minimal, but who has learned to make carving symphonic. The result is that by following a trace of beauty we glimpse the magic required to make words tell us the truth, or, as Geoffrey himself puts it, to ‘say wing and hear wing.’ Please treat yourself to this small book with big designs on your clavicytherium heart.”
- Jack Christian, author of Family System

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"Who cleans up after the last bone is sucked dry?" Review of The Book of Cannibals by MWS

In the transgressive tradition of Georges Bataille (and Lev Shestov, Michael Taussig, André Breton, André Masson, Pierre Klossowski, Roger Caillois, Jules Monnerot, Jean Rollin, Jean Wahl) and drawing on Bataille’s fascination with human sacrifice and his founding of Acéphale, a secret society symbolized by a headless man, The Book of Cannibals ... offers us a smorgasbord of surreal mediations on pizza, Hell, solipsism, drones, hipsters, and (the ever-faithful) Death.

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Books, The Book of Cannibals, Prints


The 2nd edition of THE BOOK OF CANNIBALS (50 copies) is now available for purchase via PAYPAL. Featuring 95 pages of text and illustrations, each book is hand silkscreened and hand bound, with a hardcover of black denim. Your purchase also comes with a free PDF of the book.

For a limited time, we are also offering a bundle which includes a copy of The Book of Cannibals with an additional unpublished illustration silkscreened print of 11x15". Only 10 in stock.

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SKY AND SPACE, #DebraBarrera #artistbook now available

Sybil Press is proud to announce the release of Debra Barrera's SKY AND SPACE, a collection of images taken by the artist. Printed, hand sewn and bound into 51 pages, SKY AND SPACE features sublime expanses -a documentation of the overwhelming contradiction of nature's ephemerality and constancy. Copies are available at MOODY GALLERY in Houston, Texas, and for a limited time, order a copy from Sybil Press online, with a portion of online sales to be donated to a select animal welfare organization. BUY NOW